Denis Chef Café

Creative Desserts, Fresh Pastry & more!
Denis Chef Cafe Cais do Sodre
Relax in a true Oasis of Desserts — a modern & elegant space in the very heart of Lisbon. Enjoy delicious natural desserts handcrafted by Chef for you.
Denis Chef Café is a modern and elegant space to relax in the very heart of Lisbon.

Enjoy fresh creations by Chef — natural cakes, pastries, desserts and a variety of drinks. Our menu evolves according to seasons to maximise the use of local ingredients.

We are located in a charming Patio of a very special place called 'Building 8'. It is one of Lisbon's reference buildings from 1950's, former Post Office that was renovated recently.

Unforgettable courtyard with palm trees creates an atmosphere of Oasis in the very heart of the city. Right next to us is Mercado da Ribeira, beautiful Jardim Dom Luis and Cais do Sodré station.

Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events & more. Make an impression with delicious and unforgettable Cakes & Desserts for Your event.
Pastry Consulting
Consulting & Audit services for Your Restaurant business to increase income. Development of an Exclusive desserts menu development & Restaurant Brand development.
Professional workshops for employees. Pastry projects set-up for Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Resorts.
Denis Galygin
Pastry Chef & Dessert Artist
An avid perfectionist, professional and creative soul — Chef Denis has an extensive experience in top culinary projects by Michelin Star Chefs.