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Denis Galygin
Pastry Chef & Dessert Artist
An avid perfectionist, professional and creative soul — Chef Denis has an extensive experience in top culinary projects by Michelin Star Chefs.
— Tell us about your first steps in pastry world and inspiration
— My passion for cooking began when I was eight years old and has never faded. Later in life, after receiving academic training in Moscow, I got fascinated about the process of mixing simple basic ingredients in pastry & culinary with subsequent production of a wide range of products. The magic of getting sugar, milk, eggs, butter, for example and creating varieties of beautiful, delicious and diverse desserts such as cakes, biscuits, eclairs, and many other — this magic still takes my breath away every time I am doing my job.
— What happened next in your professional life?
— As it often happens, a path to a true calling is not always straight. I had been involved in several successful business enterprises taking leading positions in national and international trading companies before finally making decision to pursue my dream of becoming the Pastry Chef.
— How did you make a transition from businessman to a Pastry Chef?
— I was lucky enough to attend 'Ragout Culinary Academy' well-known for its world-renowned international chefs. There, I gained theoretical and practical knowledge of French Pastry, kindly shared by by French chefs and dessert-artists.
— Have this experience helped you to kickstart your true passion?
— Absolutely! After the Academy I was selected by a famous French Pastry Chef Frederic Andrieu to join him in his own bakery in Pereslavl City in Russia. This was such an honour and unforgettable experience. It assisted me greatly in mastering my skills of creating true French pastries, managing production process and employees. Thankful to Chef Frederic, I gained the real-life experience of preparing pastries and bread from scratch. On a daily basis, I had practiced the creation of design for pastry products and learned making the wise business decisions with respect to production and sales.

My invaluable experience with Chef Frederic led me to a position of Pastry Chef in magnificent La Colline restaurant where I had a privilege to work with the legendary two-Michelin-star Chef Jerome Coustillas. The expertise and guidance of Chef Jerome allowed me to further excel my skills as a Pastry Chef & Dessert Artist. I am very thankful to my teachers for dedicating their time and patience, sharing their passion about pastry and, most importantly, secrets of legendary French culinary traditions!
— Why Gourmet Pastries?
— My next endeavour is a creation of Gourmet Pastries project where I realise my simple philosophy — high-end French desserts created only with natural ingredients.
— How is your project different?
— I have seen various approaches from many professionals in different countries. Unfortunately the global rising trend is the use of prefabricated pastes and mixtures in bakery and culinary business. This helps to significantly optimise costs, simplify production and extend shelf life of products. Alas, customers don't realise that they consume mixture of chemicals, trans-fats and synthetic colorants in most mainstream pastries.

My approach is based on honesty and love to my profession, my teachers and my customers. Most importantly, I establish trust with customers and use only selected natural ingredients in production process for optimal health. I have fundamental understanding that customer's engagement & satisfaction on every level of my business is crucial. I do not sell plain products. I produce and offer impressions and emotions that I would like to share with you in my handcrafted Gourmet Pastries.
Specialisations of Chef Denis
Gourmet Desserts
Selected artistic desserts from Chef Denis are made combining top quality products, novel ideas and timeless French culinary traditions.
Hand-made Bread
It's simple as it gets and delicious. French traditions of true bread-making. A bread that tastes, sounds and feels special.
Selected variety of chocolate assortments, chocolate sets, special products for events and celebrations!
Services for You
Customized services for Your Events, Pastry Business Development & Training
Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events & more. Make an impression with delicious and unforgettable Cakes & Desserts for Your event.
Business & Menu developing
Consulting and audit services for Your business to increase efficiency. Development of an exclusive desserts menu for enhancing identity of Your restaurant's brand.
Couching & Workshops
Unique professional workshops and extensive team couching. Make the most of your employees' potential by investing in their education.