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Cocoa Butter
Why all-natural? Many customers ask me about the reasons I use organic and whole products in my work
Organic Cocoa Butter has multiple health benefits
Because prefabricated pastes and mixtures are everywhere in pastry and bakery business nowadays. Sometimes customers do not even realise that they eat dangerous mixture of chemicals, trans-fats and synthetic colorants. This is the true reason of obesity, problems with heart, and hormones.
Organic Fairtrade Cacao (Cocoa) Butter at Chef Denis Galygin's Lab
Cocoa beans are native to parts of Central and South America and have been harvested for centuries. So what are the health benefits of cocoa butter produced organically?
Cocoa beans are a high-antioxidant food.
Cocoa butter is a healthy fat and plant-derived saturated fats are actually beneficial for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Raw cocoa butter that I prefer to use is not heated to high temperatures during manufacturing, which means it retains more of the healthy fats naturally.
Natural Cocoa pods with plant leaves
Denis Galygin
Pastry Chef & Dessert Artist
An avid perfectionist, professional and creative soul — Chef Denis has an extensive experience in top culinary projects by Michelin Star Chefs.
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